Saturday, January 31, 2009

Going Back to College

When choosing the venue for your wedding ceremony, think of places that hold meaning for you. On a blue sky August afternoon, Karey Scheyd and Irfan Hydari married on the beautiful and historic campus of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts; Karey’s alma mater. For Karey and her friends, many of whom were present for the wedding, the campus of Mt. Holyoke held their individual and collective histories and was a place where friendships that would last a lifetime were forged.

For many of us, our college campuses were places where we experienced great personal growth and intellectual transformation and for some of us, where we fell in love for the first time. College, especially if it is one’s first time living away from home, is a threshold experience and an important rite of passage.

If your college campus feels like an old friend to you, check it out as a possible venue for your wedding ceremony, especially if it is where the two of you met. It allows you the opportunity to celebrate another great change in your life, with an old friend bearing witness.