Monday, March 9, 2009

Sacred and Fun: Troy & Anna's Halloween Wedding

Anna Sideris and Troy Quirk had an especially fun wedding on
Halloween. Their wedding took place in their spectacular Victorian
home in Coventry, CT. Perfect weather graced the afternoon wedding and the festivities went on until the wee hours.

Guests were of course invited to come in costume and they certainly did! The bridesmaids were faeries, the groomsmen were knights, the mother of the groom was Mother Nature herself and sitting behind her, Queen Nefertiti. There were biblical figures, mythological figures, storybook characters and assorted spooky and hilarious costumes. Anna's mother made traditional Greek costumes for the ringbearer and flowergirl, (her grandson and granddaughter) that beautifully celebrated their heritage. Troy and Anna spared no detail. Each guest had a trick or treat bag waiting for them on their seat and everything from the champagne glasses to the groom's cake had a halloween theme. It was so much fun just to take it all in...the whole day was such a wonderful celebration.

This wedding was the perfect example of how to mix the fun and the sacred. Many might think those mutually exclusive, but they certainly don't have to be! It all has to do with the intention of the day and Anna and Troy wanted to celebrate the sacred origins of Halloween, which was originally a celebration based on the Celtic cycles of the seasons. Originally called "Samhain" this date for the ancient Celtic people of Ireland signified the end of summer and the time when the earth begins its slow and quiet renewal of life, in the darkness of the winter months.

Honoring the sacred and celebrating love, all on a beautiful Halloween day. What more could you ask for?