Sunday, December 18, 2011

DJ Sam of Atmosphere Productions

Choosing the right DJ is critical to the success of your wedding day. Several times this fall I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful DJ whom I’d like to recommend. Sylvester Samuels or DJ Sam of Atmosphere Productions is a true professional, experienced, fun, detail-oriented and totally focused on providing a fantastic experience for couples and their guests. I’m a stickler for details and so is Sam. He made sure we did a sound check before the ceremony, which I always love to do but sadly many DJ’s aren’t as focused on the sound for the ceremony as they are getting ready for the events after the ceremony. But Sam made sure he and I were on the same page so everything would unfold seamlessly, which it did. In fact, when I work with Sam, I never have a worry about the sound, cues, or music for the ceremony. He also works with several wonderful string trios (always an elegant way of walking down the aisle.)

Let me introduce you to DJ Sam…

DJ Sam is an expert Wedding Professional and is a seasoned entertainer - not just a DJ, he's an experience and will take care of every details as YOUR Reception Entertainment Director! With a silky smooth radio voice and a great personality, DJ Sam is right for the person who wants it all: style, sophistication, versatility, an ultra classy performance, fun, unique and an uncanny sense of music programming that just fits perfectly all the time and feels so good, this is the man to have at your wedding reception.....nothing else compares, guaranteed.

Truly a professional, "DJ Sam" has an outstanding resume and is in extremely high demand. He began his career in Gloucester, England more than 30 years ago as a mobile and night club DJ; in 1979 he was winner of the Grand Disco DJ Championship. After coming to the US in 1981, he became a popular air personality on WKND and has also appeared on WFSB, Channel 3, and CPTV. He has been recognized by his peers in the industry as DJ Times ~ The International Magazine For Professional DJ's as a Mobile DJ Of The Month and was a Founding Member of The Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association. He is a Brides Choice Award Winner 2011, was also featured in Eric & Amanda's winning wedding on the season finale of TLC Television's reality show "FOUR WEDDINGS" and will soon appear in a CNBC special on Valentines Day featuring his clients who met on

Sam's ability to read the crowd and mix the right music is impeccable. With his English background and natural elegance and class, there is no better choice. If you're looking to please and impress not only yourself, but everyone else at your event, there is no better choice. Make the right choice and be ready to dance!